The MicroModules Community

We want to establish an open and friendly community, where people find

  • support concerning individual technical development issues
  • team members who join in module or application development
  • other people to discuss technical issues and develop new ideas

Every member of this community might have privileges and duties. And everybody can support the project by writing technical articles and documentations, contribute with system ideas or the development of new modules.


If you are a hobbyist or a student and...

  • you do not know where to start with electronics
  • you like to learn more about electronics while having fun
  • you like to build up your dream project maybe with other people joining
  • you like to learn and contribute to a great community

then you are very welcome.


If you are a developer and...

  • you have experience in circuit design
  • you like technical challenges
  • you have some spare time to invest
  • you sometimes have good ideas

Then you are very welcome, too! Because we are looking for experienced, active members to support our project. In return, we offer all of our support, technical information and maybe... ;-)


If you are interested in joining the team (possible member roles are "hobbyist", "student" or "developer"), please don't hesitate and write an eMail to  join (a) micromodules . org  . Your message should contain your desired member role and some further technical details about yourself. We will get back to you about all the details, as soon as possible.