Here you find our product categories and further down our featured, latest and top ten products. We design our products to fulfill the following criteria as much as possible:

  • modularity (scalability of applications)
  • miniaturization (as less weight and space as possible)
  • ease of system assembly and usage (e.g. usage of 10-pin connectors)
  • ease of circuit design modification (by a maximum of two layers)


For the hobbyist, student and developer, choosing the appropriate modules will be the only prerequisite for successfull development of firmware and software to finally build the desired system. For professional application, further topics besides the plain circuit, firmware and software development come into focus:

  • EMC (protection of other electronic parts of the system)
  • housing (protection against environmental influences)
  • cooling (ensuring temperature limitations in the application field)
  • support (development help and service)
  • warranty (under specified operational conditions and time)


Currently, we do not support professional system development as described above, but we hope to be able to, one day.